The Futurelab Labeller is an automated system far selecting and labelling blood collection tubes by LIS or H IS order. The Futurelab Labeller helps prevent mistakes and costs; guarantees patient and specimen

Technicial Specifications

Available tube Diameter : 8 ta 19 mm Length: 72 ta 120 mm Stopper: rubber, film, plast
Number of drawer 6
Drawer capacity 100 tubes per ene drawer
Max. variation of tube type 6 kinds of tubes
Tube capacity 600 tubes
Dimensions 546(W) x 699(L) x 682(H)
Power source 100-240V +- 10%, 50/60 Hz
lnterface TCP/IP, RS232C, Ethernet, RJ45, WI-FI
Available barcodes Code 39, Code 93, Code 128A/8/C, 2of 5, NW7(Codabar), Jan, lnterleaved 2 of 5 ete.
Printing Alpha numeric, Barcode, Rotate (90,180,270 degree) Black & White lnversion, Line and box drawing
Printing method Direct thermal ar thermal transfer
Number of printers 2 (1 automatic, 1 manuel)
Labelling 1200 tu bes/hou r
Weight 99 kg
Certificates CE

User lnterface

User-friendly simple operation via colored touchscreen LCD maniler with easy-to-use software.

Available Tubes

The Futurelab L600 Laboratory Tube Labeling System can process all types of primary tubes. Any cylindrical tube with a length of 76 - 120 mm and a diameter of 8 - 19 mm are easily handled by the machine.

Pre-Label Detection

The system detects the leading edge of the tube supplier label ta avoid putting the label where it would block the window of the tube. This funclion enables viewing of the blood volume and quality in the tube.

Continuous Flow

The system works on a continuous flow basis without any interruptions. The device does not need ta be stopped to load tubes.


There are 2 printers in the system, 1 automatic and 1 manual. 6 types of test tubes in the drawers are quickly transported ta the labeling unit and barcoded with an automatic printer. The manual printer manually prepares barcodes for urine and gaita sample cups.

Tray Units

Trays can be loaded easily and unloaded automaticly.

Fast Processing

The system can prepare up ta 1200 tubes per hour.

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